Dr MImi

“Trust me, I'm a costume designer...”

I’ve worked as a costume designer since 1990, though have been making things for as long as I can remember.
I involve myself in every aspect of the process which on some productions can lead to my role being as logistic as it is creative. 
There’s something I find infinitely satisfying about making which has meant that regardless of the size of the production, I’ve never wanted to ‘just’ design. The eclectic nature of my work allows me to use a wide range of technical skills and I love the jobs that require me to explore volume, form and texture.

The collaborative element of theatre suits me – finding a rapport with the director, pooling ideas with a group of artists, building a team. There must be freedom for creativity while maintaining a tight hold to the realities of budget and deadline. 
I embrace challenges and will defend my ideas but am always flexible and have learnt through experience the necessity of being able to adapt to change.
Theatre, opera, events, dance, puppetry – each discipline requires a different approach to costume design based upon the technical requirements of the performer and the scale of the performance.

I love the transient nature of Events - their lavish refreshing sense of spectacle. Costumes get to show off in Events! They can go out and be gorgeous and not worry about the intention of text or the psychology of character. Paradoxically that’s the fascinating part of designing for theatre… delving into the personality of each character to work out what they should wear and why… finding an actor the Right shoes.

I work very hard. 
How I work depends on the scale of the production and the budget involved. 
I can hire a workshop, fill it with machines and call on my team of talented assistants. Or I can work alone, get my hands dirty, design and make everything myself. 
If a project interests me I will say yes, no matter how big or small. 

I enjoy what I do. That’s important, isn't it!